Security Guideline
  1. Access ALTITUDE web application by using only prescribed URL ( or directly from the Altitude Tab provided in Prime Bank website (

  2. Create difficult passwords which must include combination of uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers & special characters.

  3. Always memorize your Log in ID, Password & Secret PIN.

  4. Use virtual keyboard while accessing Altitude account.

  5. While accessing ALTITUDE, ensure no one is looking over your shoulder before typing password/Secret PIN.

  6. Ensure the website starts with https://

  7. Be alert from unknown person or unknown call regarding changing your Altitude Password/PIN. Remember that, Prime Bank will never ask your Altitude password/PIN over phone/email.

  8. Ensure that other people don not have access to your mobile phone or email.

  9. Touch ID/Passcode/Pattern lock/PIN for mobile device is highly recommended.

  10. If you feel that, your Internet Banking PIN/Password has been stolen or compromised, Then Please change your password/PIN immediately. For any assistance please Call: +88 01730 785 800, +88 01755 607 996 or send email to

  11. When you have finished transaction with ALITUTDE, ensure you log off from Altitude account by clicking "Log out" button from top menu bar.

  12. Always update your PC/Laptop with latest anti-virus software.

  13. Register for SMS alerts to keep track of Internet Banking transactions.

  14. It is recommended not to click "Auto Complete" or "remember password" option on your browser.

  15. Never Share Verification Code 1 & Verification Code 2 which is provided to you during Altitude account creation.

  16. Never use public Wi-Fi connectivity & computer to access your Internet Banking account.

  17. Never use the similar user ID and password for other websites.

  18. Never use a Secret PIN that could be easily guessed, e.g. your birthday or telephone number.

  19. DO NOT share your ALTITUDE User ID, password and Secret PIN with anyone else. Do not response to such requests that comes through unknown email or unauthorized phone number.

  20. DO NOT use pop-up link displayed in email, other web site and search engine results to access ALTITUDE account.

ALTITUDE is developed and maintained by Information Technology Division, Prime Bank Limited 2023 All rights reserved
ALTITUDE is developed and maintained by Information Technology Division Prime Bank Limited 2023 All rights reserved